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Why Carnelian Soul ?

Carnelian is a beautiful crystal which presents itself in varying shades of Orange. Carnelian represents energy, strength, vitality. A glow of positivity. The Soul is the essence of who you are .

Are you ready to acknowledge your Soul ?

Are you ready to take control of your health and in return be the best possible version of yourself  ?

Good health isnt something that just happens . Just look at the changes that are happening in the world  right now and it has become evident  it takes time and a bit of organisation to get on the right path. This is where Carnelian Soul comes to the fore. To aid your mental and physical health through a blend of Yoga, Meditation, Holistic therapy and Astrology. After many years of practice and study i am living proof that with some self awareness and focus you can feel revitalised ,experience positive health and live life connected to your Souls purpose

You are HERE so NOW is a good time to start


Be Here.....Be Now....Be Healthy